We provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples ages 13 and up. These services can also be provided in Spanish or online (Telehealth). We are trained in various modalities and each therapist has unique passion and experience. Please visit our individual pages for more information about our areas of focus.



We work with adults and teens on a variety of issues, including depression & anxiety, life transitions, relational distress, parenting, grief and trauma. This is your time and space to work on the issues that have you feeling stuck or overwhelmed. We feel privileged to be able to provide support and structure to your healing journey and help you make positive changes in your life. 



Experiencing conflict or disconnection with your partner is painful. We work with couples through an attachment lens to help partners find new ways of relating to one another and meeting each other's needs. We will provide the safety and structure necessary for partners to address the issues that keep them from experiencing joy in their relationship. Our goal is to establish healthy communication, deeper connection, reciprocity and trust with one another.


Sex & Intimacy

We are sexual beings and how we experience and engage our sexuality can add tremendous meaning, connection and joy to our lives. It can also be a source of pain, disconnection or even trauma. We are committed to supporting our clients in achieving sexual health and meaningful physical intimacy. We aim to help our clients overcome any aspects of distress so they may experience the pleasure, connection and erotism they desire. We provide therapy for sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction issues, including low libido, pelvic pain, orgasmic difficulty, erectile dysfunction, problematic behaviors, sexual shame, and infidelity. We work with all genders, identities and relational systems, and are LGBTQ+ affirming.